1. b0bbYboy's Avatar
    I been having problems with iTunes sync, sometimes works sometimes it doesnt

    Sometimes it opens by itself but i got rid of that by unchecking "Open iTunes when iPhone is connected" altho I rarely connect my iPhone to the PC.

    I also dont like how when I sync my iPhone with iTunes the old apps in iTunes are installed in my iPhone, for example, I was trying out the LITE app of battery magic, then I ended up buying the pro one. When I synchronized my 4S with iTunes it installed the LITE version when I deleted it off iTunes...

    Also iTunes seems to be really unresponsive at times and sometimes it doesnt detect my iPhone over WiFi... altho I dont care much about this cause I can just close it and open it again

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
    11-09-2011 02:33 PM
  2. SnapThrow's Avatar
    First, sounds like you are using the wi-fi sync feature which IMO is not ready for primetime -- it is unreliable and more trouble than it is worth right now (which you are obviously experiencing). So turn that off and just plug your iPhone into iTunes every once in a while for syncing purposes and use iCloud for backing up.

    If you deleted an app from iTunes but it was installed again when you plugged in your iPhone then iTunes transferred purchases not in your library (the wording is something like that). I think the key is to get the iPhone and iTunes in sync -- then once you delete an app from your iPhone or from within iTunes they will both know you don't want it in your library (or on your iPhone). Otherwise iTunes will keep trying to install it from your iPhone to iTunes or vice versa. Also there is an iCloud setting that will automatically download purchases to and from the iPhone and ITunes... check what you have set there.
    11-09-2011 02:44 PM
  3. b0bbYboy's Avatar
    thanks for the reply

    I just got done "Sync" my iPhone and again, I see apps in iTunes I DONT want anymore on my iPhone and that I have deleted in my iPhone, of course it didnt install them back in my iPhone.

    Just one that I had in my "Games" folder moved it back to the 2nd home screen I dont know why.

    Should I delete all the apps in iTunes and then plug my phone and Sync it?
    11-09-2011 07:07 PM
  4. robertmbrown's Avatar
    I agree with SnapThrow - I have not been able to get WiFi sync to work consistently for my iPad2 or my iPhone4 on my Windows 7 laptop. I spend more time trying to figure out errors and restoring music and pictures to my devices. Since I have to plug them in to charge anyway, I might as well plug them into my laptop. Syncing is faster and much more reliable. I still backup to iCloud, and let iCloud manage my contacts, calendar and documents between all the devices. So the need to sync is not that great now anyway.
    11-16-2011 02:27 PM