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    I purchased three ringtones on 10/27 on an iPhone 4S through itunes on the phone. All three downloaded and appeared under the ringtones menu. Today I had to exchange the phone as it was locking up. When I log into my account through iTunes on the computer, and go to purchase history, the three ringtones show as having been purchased on 10/27. If I select the "Purchased" link from Quick Links, however, they do not show. If I go to the "Purchased" tab in itunes on the phone the only things which appear are music that I have purchased, no ringtones. Further, if I search for the individual ringtones through itunes, either on the computer or on the phone, I am asked to purchase them again. How do I get these ringtones back without having to re-purchased what I've already paid for? Thanks.
    11-04-2011 05:55 PM