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    Everytime I upgrade the iTunes software and start the program, it updates my library. It doesnt add any songs or anything, but it modifies a lot of my song iD3 tags adding fields and other info I dont want. After it gets done, I have to spend a few hours undoing all the changes it made to the iD3 tags. There is no option to turn this update off because it grays out all the buttons, you cant even stop the process.

    I just upgraded from iTunes 10.1 to 10.5 (the latest one) and sure enough it started updating the library when I opened the iTunes. I quickly terminated the program so it wouldnt screw my ID3 tags up. I have over 40,000 songs in my library I have got all the ID3 tags exactly the way I want them to stay. Is there a file I can back-up with the tag information in it and just replace it once iTunes screws up all my tags??

    Any suggestions would be appreciated...
    10-27-2011 05:18 PM