1. RoCk HeArTeD DeViL's Avatar
    Am using Windows XP desktop which is connected to router with Ethernet and my iPhone 4 uses the Wi-Fi.
    Got latest version of iTunes.
    Latest version of Remote.app
    iPhone OS 4.3.3, not 4.3.5

    I followed this guide to implement the inbound settings since it isn't available on Windows XP the way it is available on Windows 7:-
     no-ip . com/support/guides/routers/configuring_windows_xp_firewall.html
    The port number i entered for TCP is 3689 and named it as bounjourport(the name shouldn't matter).
    mDNSResponder.exe is also running.
    And am still unable to locate my iPhone in iTunes. Actually there isn't any "Devices" list present on iTunes, though it appears when i connect the phone with USB. Please help!!

    **My previous phone was Sony Ericsson w995 which supported DLNA and i could access my phone files through the same PC with Ethernet connection to the router, so i guess this should be possible for iPhone too.
    Thanks in advance.
    10-07-2011 03:22 PM
  2. RoCk HeArTeD DeViL's Avatar
    Umm anyone help please?
    10-13-2011 06:58 AM