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    I have iTunes on a 32-bit Windows 7 system. I manage my 32GB iPhone 3GS and an 80GB 6th gen iPod classic. I do not allow iTunes to organize my library - I have my music arranged the way I want it to be in my file system.

    I recently activated the automatic music sync for my iPhone after realizing that some songs I had added to playlists had not synchronized automatically. When I did this, I was told that several hundred songs could not be transferred because they could not be found.

    I went into one of my playlists and started 'finding' the songs marked with a ! but realized that if I found them in the playlist the link did not transfer to the main list and I'm assuming that it did not translate to other playlists this song may be in. I also started seeing iTules change the data in the "Name" column from the song title to "artist - song title" - not sure if it's related.

    I won't rant about how asinine I think iTunes is with file management. It appears to have been this way for a looooong time and my ravings would likely fall on deaf ears. So, here are my questions...

    Is there a way to get iTunes to scan your music folders and look for lost tracks?

    If I want to delete my catalog and start all over, what file(s) do I need to move or remove?

    If I delete my catalog will it also delete my playlists, causing me to have to rebuild them?

    Any idea why it's changing the data in the name field?

    Thank you,
    07-23-2011 12:11 PM

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