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    Just got myself a new MacBook Pro (finally switching from Windows environment after 16 years!). Being a newbie in Mac OS X environment, I appreciate assistance on these.

    Current scenario: I'm syncing iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 in iTunes on Windows 7. I only have apps and photos synced. Ringtones and videos are copied into iPhone manually.

    Questions: Can I just connect my iPhone to MacBook Pro and all settings/data will auto-magically transferred into MacBook Pro's iTunes? I'm scared of the "Erase and sync" prompt...

    Questions: Do I sign-in Apple ID and authorise MacBook Pro first before connecting iPhone, or the other way round?

    Question: Any good tutorial on migrating iTunes/iPhone to Mac OS X from Windows 7?
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    07-01-2011 01:54 AM
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    There are about 47 threads on the topic. Bottom line, just copy your entire iTunes directory over to the Mac. Copy your photos directory over (and don't start with iPhoto or you'll want to commit harikiri). Authorize the Mac.

    Connect your iPhone and transfer purchases.

    You will delete everything on your iPhone - there is no way around it. But as long as everything is now on the Mac, it will also be re-sync'd to the iPhone.

    If you'll search for one of the other threads you can find details about directory structure differences.
    07-01-2011 07:45 AM