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  1. cody's Avatar
    i have a mac and an iphone and my kids have a pc with 3 ipods. i set them up with the same apple id just so i could register there ipods and remember the passwords and user names for there accounts. everything has works good for years. they could share there kiddy apps with each other and i had mine.

    now i can see there apps in my devices itunes purchase history. i think they will be able to see mine as well. they each have like 200 apps on there ipods at any giving time. on my iphone in the history i have every app that any of the four of us have ever installed. this is over a thousand im sure. i hate this.

    is there anyway to split these accounts? for example, is there a way i can take the kids pc, create a new apple id and transfer all there purchases to the new account?

    i just dont want to see all there junk on my iphone and i dont want them playing with all my purchased apps?

    thanks, Cody

    another way to ask this question could be... can i change one of my apple id names so that apps wont be shared?
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    06-12-2011 03:18 PM
  2. Jeff.CopyTrans's Avatar
    Unfortunately I am afraid you have no other choice but to create a new Apple Id and re-download and/or purchase the apps. It's one of the greatest Apple anti-piracy policy.
    06-14-2011 09:44 AM