1. iRooney's Avatar
    Is there a way to mirror my iTunes library across two computers simultaneously? I know it is possible for me to move my iTunes library to another computer, but I want the original computer to be active as well. Let me explain my goal...

    My laptop is where I sync my iPhone and iPad to....it houses all of my music. Now....I also have a server running 24/7 in my office closet. What I want is to be able to keep a version of iTunes running on the server so that I can use Home Sharing and listen to music on my iPad without actually putting any music on it (I fill the iPad up with movies, so space is limited). However, since I still do all my syncing through my laptop, I need the same media to exist in both places. Is this possible, or am I grasping at air here?

    PS> This is all a moot issue if someone knows how to get the iPad to recognize a WDTV Live Hub as a Home Sharing device.
    05-06-2011 09:27 AM
  2. imwjl's Avatar
    There is the home sharing feature.

    You can also use a program that specializes in sync to copy directories so you do not loose metadata. Make sure you remember the rules of authorized computers and purchases content with any manual copying.
    05-06-2011 09:43 AM