1. kmv's Avatar
    i have had my iphone 3g for over a year, recently i started to have a problem with my battery and i gave it to one guy that said he could fix it.he accedentaly restored my iphone with itunes and now it's locked and i can't do anything.can please somebody tell me how to jailbreak and unlock it again!?\

    P.S. i've tryed redsnow but i'm always getting stucked on the hardrive pic where it says dowloading jailbreak data((((what should i do?????

    03-31-2011 03:44 PM
  2. Jon Seals's Avatar
    Run redsn0w as an administrator and make sure you're connected to the Internet, also if it's on 4.0.2 or later either wait for an unlock on the way (best choice) or install the iPad baseband (only if you're desperate and absolutely CANNOT wait)
    04-03-2011 02:07 AM