1. acav1986's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this is normal or if it's an actual problem with my iPhone and PC.

    When I plug my iPhone into my PC and open iTunes and go to the summary page it says that I have 2.1 GB's of music. After I complete a sync it drops down to 1.79 GB's. This happens without adding any programs, music, movies or anything. iTunes says I have 4.0 GB's of free space before a sync, and after a sync, it says 4.7 GB's.

    When I unplug my phone the free space shows 4.0GB's, is there something wrong and if so does anyone have any suggestions?
    02-24-2011 12:45 PM
  2. ImStrapped's Avatar
    there isn't anything wrong, the hard drives in iphones (or any hard drive in general) has a bit of leeway often. the .7 extra memory is probably just backup memory, something you can't use by default but something that is there because it just is and needs to be (lol)

    that's the best I can explain it as. don't read into it, it's not big deal
    02-25-2011 05:16 PM