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    My wife and I have 2 different laptops. We use each others laptops at different times. After I set up both of our Iphones, with music, etc, I used a different laptop, and it erased my apps and music. The Apple store rep said I had to use the same pc. The question I have is, if we have our own Apple ID Accounts, and we log in to our specific accounts before syncing, should that be ok? For instance, I will be activating my mom's Iphone tomorrow on one of our pc's, if I log into her account in Itunes first, then sync, will it automatically try to sync something from my Iphone or my wife's, or will it allow her phone to activate, and then allow me to put whatever music I want on her Iphone?
    02-18-2011 08:16 PM
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    Na, can't see as you'd have to have to keep an iPhone linked to a computer, just an Apple account (otherwise you couldn't upgrade computer models). Some CSR's just don't know quite enough.

    02-19-2011 03:45 AM
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    You can sync using as many different computers as you want - as long as you are syncing with the same iTunes Library file. Assuming your two computers are networked, and all of your music is stored somewhere that can be accessed by both computers, it's actually quite simple. Each of you sets up your own iTunes library, His_Library and Her_Library. Assuming you're on a PC, to launch iTunes, hold the shift button, then click the iTunes icon. Keep holding the shift button until the prompt pops up for choosing which iTunes library you want to use. Choose the correct one, and you can sync away.
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    02-19-2011 09:19 AM