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    Many people thought that the announcement for the Beatles coming to iTunes was a bit over hyped. Apple told The Loop recently that so far the Beatles have sold over 5 million songs through iTunes and that the most popular song is Abbey Road.

    Apple has informed The Loop that the iTunes Store recently exceeded 5 million Beatles songs and 1 million Beatles albums sold worldwide. Abbey Road is the current best-selling Beatles album in the U.S., while Here Comes the Sun is the currently best-selling Beatles song. The pace of sales has diminished since the Beatles catalog first came to iTunes, however. Apple and EMI announced a week after the Beatles music was released on iTunes that 2 million songs and 450,000 albums had been purchased.
    This shows that the Beatles coming to iTunes maybe wasnt hyped up enough. Even with dwindling sales after the initial surge, this was a major income source for Apple, the Beatles label (also Apple), and the Beatles themselves (at least for those still alive).

    Do you still think the Beatles coming to iTunes was not that big a deal?

    [Via Loop Insight]
    01-16-2011 06:45 PM
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    I think the main issue is there are many young people who seem to think with the iPod, and maybe the iPhone that Apple's main market is their generation. thats not the case. When the beatles came to America they changed the course of music. some may not like the beatles, but the same could be said for tpodays artests and groups.

    I think its good that the beatles came to iTunes. i'm not a fan of their music but I do like listening to them, but the argument of "well fans already have all their albums" thats is not true. I'm a fan of LOST and Fringe, but do I have every product about them?\ Nope.
    01-16-2011 07:38 PM