1. simonjhardy's Avatar
    Quick question for you all.

    I'm heading over to the US next week, and due to the currency conversion rates at the mo I'm going to pick up an Apple TV while I'm out there.

    The main reason I'm picking one up is because I've got a butt load of TV seasons and movies that I want to stream to my TV and have it in a nice GUI.

    Now I know that you can't just stream from a NAS drive, and that it has to come from a PC/Media center running iTunes.

    The question I have, is does that machine running iTunes have to be of a certain spec? i.e. does any transcoding or graphics processing happen on the machine running iTunes, or does it all happy on the Apple TV it's self, leaving the machine running iTunes as simply a pass through?

    Currently I'm using an old 1ghz netbook as a media centre which runs VLC fine, but the iTunes app doesn't render the graphics smoothly at all.

    Just hoping it's all done in the Apple TV so I don't have to go and change my netbook!!


    12-23-2010 04:46 AM
  2. danwalk201's Avatar
    Hi Si,

    Just to let you know you cannot currently stream TV Shows on from Apple TV in the UK yet, only Movies. Not sure if you can do it from ITunes or not as i havent tried it.

    Hopefully they will update us soon with the TV Shows!


    12-30-2010 06:55 AM