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    My Little Restaurant: Christmas Edition

    $0.99 ONLY! Christmas is early!!!
    And we have a contest for you people.

    5 x $10 US iTunes Gift Card for your reviews.

    Game Title: My Little Restaurant: Christmas Edition
    Publisher: QubicGames
    AppStore ID: 405027565

    Contest Rules (how can you win):
    1. Give us an honest review on AppStore.
    2. Post here or send me a PM with your iTunes username.
    3. Win iTunes Gift Cards.

    I will select 5 best (IMHO) reviews and post results here. You have time till Friday!

    It's eeeeeasy. Last two contests I held were a success, so don't disappoint me.
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    11-29-2010 11:13 AM
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    I will throw extra 5 iTunes Gift Cards if I get more than 20 reviews
    11-29-2010 11:15 AM
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    So in other words, you are buying reviews? That doesn't seem very honest.
    11-29-2010 12:53 PM
  4. QubicGames's Avatar
    Not at all.

    I've held contests like this one couple of times on different forums and I've always picked the reviews that were actually useful and that sometimes means brutally honest.

    However, it is true to say I am 'buying' feedback from our customers, most of ideas for improvemenet of our games came from the contests.

    Edit: I wanted to send you promo code so you can try MLR: Christmas, but I can't send PMs yet
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    11-30-2010 04:10 AM