View Poll Results: Would you use an iTunes photo management system over iPhoto?

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  • Yes, seems like a much better option.

    4 80.00%
  • No, i am happy with iPhoto.

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  1. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    So im sure im not the only one who uses a mac to manage my iPhone...and in that, im also sure im not the only person who absolutely despises iPhoto. It's like a barbaric mac program, it runs sloppy, it has alot of common issues and to me, its just not a convenient tool for managing pictures...

    Now many hate iTunes, but all things considered, it's kind of a necessary evil within the iPhone world (if you do in fact hate it, i personally love it). It almost seems like photo management would have been a shoe in for a feature within iTunes but still, we are left with using iPhoto in that facet. Why is this? The iTunes app management style is just awesome, you have a great graphical layout, easy to use, typically problem free use and its all within a familiar iTunes foundation.

    How hard could a photo management feature be? Even if it was just to move and delete photos, im not asking for editing software or anything, just simply a management system.

    With the iPhone 4 becoming a much more legit camera alternative, it seems to me that Apple would make this process of deleting unwanted HDR doubles, normal pictures and memory sucking HD videos alot easier for the user like they have with so many other features on the iPhone. I really hope this is something coming in the near future...
    10-04-2010 06:33 AM