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    Spam, oh how we hate it.

    Turns out there is a new form of iTunes-related Spam, and this is not just affecting iTunes users, but non-iTunes users too.

    The email, is in the form of a typical iTunes receipt.

    There are few things you can keep an eye out for

    1. The Song Listed: "Whatever You Like [Digital 45]" is priced a little high
    2. The Totals don't add up - $372.99 = $984.99 = $795.99 = $976.99??
    3. Billed To: Store Credit - Have you topped up with Store Credit?
    4. The Date is formatted DD/MM/YY which in some countries is wrong
    5. The Currency is $, so if you live in Europe, UK or somewhere where "$" isn't you currency, its not for you!

    Sophos Security Blog, says that if any of the links on the receipt are clicked then it will redirect you to a Canadian Pharmacy page with advice on how to please you significant other.

    If you can add up, or know how a receipt works, you will notice the 'totals' and be smart enough to realise its not a legitimate email.

    Apple says
    this is a very new issue and they are working to get it under control. They said to delete the e-mail from your inbox and do not click on any of the links provided. If you received this e-mail and do have an iTunes account, check the account to make sure everything is in order.
    Just keep an eye out for these emails.

    Have you guys seen these?

    [Sophos Security Blog, wkbn]
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