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    I just found out that my password protected iPhone (before the password has been entered) connects and displays its content (itunes, podcasts, etc) on a computer other than my home computer. It appears (I have only tested this on my wife's computer) to only go through one step of sync and does not backup onto her computer. BUT when I was as the Apple store with an Apple employee, it appeared that it wanted to backup to their Mac computer. They have their computer setup so it will not backup a customerís iPhone. It did give an error message that the backup was corrupted (which it is not since it does a backup fine on my computer). It appeared that it would backup to my son's computer the other day. Since I did not know what to expect from a password protected iPhone 4 at that time, this behavior is not verified. The Apple employee at the Apple store tried several of their iPhones (3's, 4's) that gave an error message that the iPhone was locked if you connected them with the password protection, but mine did not. It showed all the podcasts, music content, etc. Has anyone got a comment on this? The Apple employees were stumped.
    10-02-2010 08:19 PM
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    I found that my son has a backup of my iPhone 4 on his Dell computer with Vista. Not a good thing...
    10-03-2010 12:26 PM

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