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    ITunes has many uses (some may argue to many uses), one of these being video play back. Too bad you can only play MP4 files in it. Lifehacker recently put up a story about how to trick iTunes into playing the more popular video types, such as AVI. To do this your computer need some form of video file converter software and the proper codec to display the content.

    For Mac OS X users you also need to be able to find the file you want to convert. Lifehacker recommends the use of Filebuddy.

    For Windows users youre already set so well move right along to some more downloads.

    If youre on a Mac then you can simply download an applescript application that Chris14 over in the Macrumor forms created, here. This will automate the rest of the process for you.

    If youre a windows kind of guy (or girl) then get QuickTime Pro. If Quick time can open it then you just have to save it has the proper format and important it into iTunes.
    09-29-2010 08:23 PM