1. slalomskie's Avatar
    Now that I have iTunes 10 I can't sync to my phone.

    I can backup by just right clicking on the Devise phone and clicking backup but if I click Sync I get
    Preparing to SYNC Step 1 of 3

    Then on Determing Tracks to Sync I get the error
    The Iphone " Name I use" cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found.

    I hit OK and get this error

    The iPhone "Name I use" cannot be synced. An error occured while writing to the device.

    I hit OK and I am back to OK to disconnect.

    Anyone have any ideas?.

    Syncing to PC I have always synced to.
    09-03-2010 10:51 AM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    If the new iTunes is the only thing that's different, try reinstalling it.
    09-03-2010 02:44 PM