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    I have just launched my first company and am currently collecting people's opinions of the site from various sources. (The company is a new service that pays people to download iPhone apps/ provides paid apps for free... so I think it is relevant to tipb)

    Here is how you enter the contest:
    1) Visit AdsReloaded.com
    2) Post here what your impressions of the site are.

    I'm open to both positive and negative feedback on both the site design, why you would/wouldn't sign up for the service, initial reservations, etc.

    The contest will run until Monday evening (PST) and a winner will be randomly chosen from the people who have replied in this thread to receive a $10 iTunes gift card!
    08-20-2010 03:58 AM
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    No one wants a $10 gift card?

    If you think this is a scam check out this thread on toucharcade that just finished up for adsreloaded.

    $10 Contest for your opinion about a new website! - Touch Arcade
    08-21-2010 01:39 PM
  3. GadgetGuru72#IM's Avatar
    Seems like an interesting idea. However, you seem to have a very limited number of developer participants, and none of the current apps available seem interesting. With that sort of selection, it doesn't seem worth the risk. A system like yours is going to require a bit of trust from its users before it gets off the ground and builds word of mouth. Until then, if I'm going to pay for an app and "trust" that I will actually be paid for doing so, I'd prefer that it's an app that I actually wanted. That way, if it turns out that I don't get paid, at least I wanted the app.

    On the flip side, you do have some free apps that pay a dime to download, so you could probably build some trust that way.

    As a whole, I think it's an interesting idea, but I suspect you're going to have some challenges getting people to trust it unless you get some reputable developers or high quality apps participating in the program.
    08-22-2010 11:57 PM
  4. msencenb's Avatar
    All very valid points gadgetguru... and trust has been the biggest issue I have had with building a user base so far. It is slowly starting to come together though. There seems to be a slight chicken and the egg type problem where the developers of big time apps want a huge user base and the users want big time apps before they sign up. In fact I have had two fairly big developers approach me but I had to turn them away for now because I couldn't handle the volume they wanted.

    In any case the best I can do for now is keep pushing on!

    P.S. You have very good odds of winning that iTunes gift card tomorrow night
    08-23-2010 01:52 AM
  5. msencenb's Avatar
    Well... as promised you win the gift card

    I'll pm you
    08-24-2010 02:04 AM
  6. crockett's Avatar
    Here's some late feedback. I would try to fit the "Earn money by trying apps on your iPhone!" on a one line. That's the first thing that I noticed. Also maybe make those register and login buttons little smaller.
    08-24-2010 03:07 AM
  7. MysticMoonstone's Avatar
    i'm tempted to try this out however there's nothing on the site about HOW one will get paid. For example i would never give my bank information out but there's no explanation on how this works... therefore many will not trust it.
    08-24-2010 09:38 PM