1. RickDayAtlanta's Avatar
    i have been an itunes user for awhile. i recently purchased an iphone 3gs and had downloaded a number apps.

    i then processed my first sync with my itunes on my pc with the iphone.

    i selected the option to manually manage my music and playlists.

    when the sync began it copied all my downloaded apps to my pc and removed them from the iphone. my apps were now visible on my pc itunes.

    the sync loaded the music i had selected to the iphone.

    i then had to select the apps tabs and request that itunes reload my apps. but all my folders were gone and i had to register the apps again if registration was required.

    has this happened to anyone else? is it a one time event?
    08-18-2010 02:02 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    I've seen it happen but only when the iPhone was synced with a different computer before. Once you only sync with one computer you shouldn't see this happen again.
    08-18-2010 02:33 PM