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    So I've had a decent look for anything related to my following question and I always seemed to get routed back to the same one thread, which doesn't answer my question!

    I own the iphone 3gs and my problem is this -
    I'm organizing my music/album art etc using the ctrl-i function and have managed fine applying allbum art to albums but have trouble with organizing songs into albums so they only show up under one album cover, not one album cover for each song on that album in my iphone ipod app etc etc. I've noticed this is not the case with albums that I add onto my iphones via itunes (e.g Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP all songs appear under one album cover) but notice with soundtracks and compilations that I always get an album cover displayed for each and every song on that soundtrack/compilation. I've tried everything I can think of with the metadata but still can't get these particular soundtracks/compilations to be organized under the one album cover. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks.
    08-03-2010 05:21 AM
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    Ok so this thread can be closed now, after a much more thorough look, I've found the answer to my question, sorry for any inconvenience!
    08-03-2010 05:47 AM