1. new2iphonepleeeeasehelp's Avatar
    ok...so my iphone was someone elses and it was already JBroken with blackrain i believe...and had a bunch of applications and photos ringtones and music in the itunes of the phone...i have since changed the itunes account on the phone to my own and have downloaded apps thru the phone and i also downloaded some thru the computer on itunes and i wanted to sync them to my phone ... when i plug my phone up to my laptop itunes starts up then a window comes up that says.."itunes has found purchased items on "my iphone" that are not present in your itunes library. Do you want to tranfer these items from this iphone back to your itunes library?" If you do not transfer thses items back to your library, they will be removed from this iphone" and then gives the option to transfer or dont transfer...

    so not knowing exactly what to do i just selected transfer...it says its syncing then it says its backing it up then it stops i go to the iphone under devices on itunes and open apps and there is a list on the left with all of the apps i have downloaded that i want to be put onto my phone and they are all checked and then on the left is a pic of the phone and when i select sync it says the same thing about transfering purchaced items... and the right hand side phone with apps now has all of the apps on it but my actual phone infact does not have the new apps on it. HELP ME WHAT DO I DO?

    same with photos i i clecked to sync photos from selected folders and i selected the ones i wanted and it erased the old photos on phone but did not put my photos on the phone at all.....y not?
    06-15-2010 01:36 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Because you can only sync to one computer. So anything that was on the iPhone previously does not belong to you...if it does, you have it on your computer and can sync it back.
    06-15-2010 09:09 AM
  3. new2iphonepleeeeasehelp's Avatar
    okl...i understand that...that is why when it asked me if i was ok with removing 16 apps from my phone i said yes and clicked on that option and it did not delete apps and it did not add any either although it did delete one of the photo albums but it did not add any of my photos from my computer. so, if it will only sync to 1 computer then how do i get it to sync to mine now....is there a way?
    06-15-2010 03:10 PM