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    Hi all, recently I ditched my Yahoo email address for a MobileMe account. I logged into iTunes using my MobileMe address and authorized the computer. Now, when I try to download the three app updates that are available I get "You can not update this software because you have not owned the major version of this software."

    Any idea what's going on here? I have to assume it has something to do with switching my account. There has to be a way to upgrade my apps right?

    Edit - iTunes let me download the updates when I signed in with my Yahoo account. So I guess the question is, how do I transfer my purchases to my MobileMe account?
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    03-02-2010 05:09 AM
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    Can anyone help me out with this? I can't update my apps now whether I am signed in with Yahoo or MobileMe. Pretty frustrating.
    03-12-2010 05:21 AM
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    What has Apple told you about this issue?
    03-12-2010 10:10 AM