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    Hello all, first post here.

    MY issue:
    laptop that I have been using with my IPhone won't recognize my phone.

    Has been working fine for 2 months
    Got a virus on laptop and it failed to boot 2 days ago(something through Kazaa)
    Put it in the shop and they said I had 2 cooked 1 GB RAM sticks out of 4.
    Replaced them and everything else seems to work fine now.
    Plugged IPhone in and the laptop made its' music detecting that something was in the USB port.
    ITunes did not recognize that the phone was plugged in and the laptop does not recognize the phone as an extra drive.
    Also will not charge the phone.
    My flash drive and the GF's hoopty Samsung Pocket phone are detected and function normally.
    Plugged IPhone into my PC and all worked as should.

    D/l'ed a driver detection program that told me some of my drivers were out of date and installed all drivers from Microsoft website.
    uninstalled/reinstalled ITunes without any change.

    My hardware:
    16GB 3G rained on 3.1.2, Cydia and Rock installed
    Win 7 (64 Bit)
    ITunes 9

    02-24-2010 05:18 PM