1. shaniac's Avatar
    I bought a used laptop that has Itunes on it. It has songs (alot of them) that I dont want. Can I uninstall Itunes and then download the lastest verision to delete all those songs? Then when I sync my Iphone to that newly installed Itunes will it keep the songs I have? The apps and ringtones too?

    I have also noticed that when I play a song out of my music file (not Itunes) that Itunes puts the song in the playlist and I dont want that to happen. I want to listen to a song then decide if I want it in Itunes. How can I stop that from happening?

    thanx for any and all help.
    01-04-2010 08:42 AM
  2. Pr3mier's Avatar
    You don't have to necessarily uninstall iTunes. You can just select everything from the iTunes library and delete from there. Make sure to check if iTunes is linked to the previous owner's account. Sign in with yours and everything should be good. When you sync your iPhone to the newly updated iTunes, they will ask you if you want to clear all songs on the phone.

    You have to first find a way to transfer all your iPhone songs onto your computer before you sync. ITunes may do it for songs you purchased in iTunes, but not for the other songs you obtained (ripped from cd).

    Another method to keep your songs would be to back up your iTunes library from your old computer (the one you used to sync your iPhone) and restore it in the new computer.

    Another method would be to use the Home Sharing feature and copy all songs through iTunes.
    01-04-2010 10:48 AM
  3. Pr3mier's Avatar
    Oh and for that song listening problem, all I do is set iTunes to not be my default media player. I set windows media player to play those new songs (I'm assuming you have a windows laptop, I might be wrong). And I do the same thing as you. If I like it, I'll transfer it to iTunes. If not, it goes to the recycle bin.

    01-04-2010 10:52 AM