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    I just got a new PC and tried syncing my iPhone to a newly downloaded version of iTunes. It recognized my phone just fine but I continue to get the following message when I try to sync my apps and ringtones: "Are you sure you want to sync ringtones? All existing ringtones on the iPhone "my name" will be replaced with ringtones from your iTunes library." I hesitate to click OK since my iTunes library is currently empty and I don't want it to erase everything I've stored on my iPhone. Can someone help me in syncing my iPhone to my new iTunes without losing everything? I basically need to move the files from the phone to the PC.

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    12-15-2009 12:35 PM
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    this is normal. it's a new computer

    the easiest way is to use your computer backup to transfer the information.

    there's some third party apps that let you pull stuff off if you don't have a backup. you're stuck using one. I don't know of anything specifically but there's a ton of threads on the subject or someone may pop in with a suggestion.
    12-15-2009 03:34 PM
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    you could also burn a copy of your full itunes app from your old computer and then just drag and drop it onto your new computer. then your iphone will act as it always did on the old computer. be sure and delete the itunes that you downloaded first. let us know how it works out for you.
    12-15-2009 07:15 PM
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    senuti is a good app for pulling this stuff off your phone without syncing in itunes (read itunes backwards whats it spell ~.o)
    12-16-2009 03:11 PM