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  1. sonny21's Avatar
    Hi, new to the site and forums.

    Well I am new to everything with itunes, heck I don't even own a iphone YET.

    I am having a MAJOR problem here, i have over 700 songs on my current mp3 player.

    However when I add either a folder or individual songs to itunes, it organizes all the songs under their own artist and album.

    For example, I have a folder where I keep my regular mp3's but if I were to add them, itunes would create hundreds of albums for every single song.

    Or if I have a compilation cd/collection, instead of keeping them in the same album it creates new ones.

    I tried un-checking the option to keep it organized as well in preference options, but it does the same thing.

    Now I did research, and I did come across someone suggesting that I have to click the compilation check in the properties of each album which have the same album name to merge it.

    However that is not realistic, doing that for 700 songs which will prob create thousands of albums and etc.

    Please tell me there's a easy way of just importing it that keeps the folder structure or puts it in a album that I pick only?

    Any help is appreciated!
    12-08-2009 05:17 AM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    itunes does not use a folder structure for sorting. itunes actually does not care where the song is for anything it does. it uses the file metadata to do everything. this needs to be accurate on every single file

    to replace the folder try making playlists. yes, you're going to make them manually unless you can make a smart playlist that works

    also, 700 songs is a tiny number to edit. if your meta data is wrong you're stuck editing each file from within itunes. you can generally select multiple and edit them at once as well

    make sure the artist, album, album artist, etc detail is exactly the same down to removing extra spaces, checking capitalization, etc
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    12-08-2009 02:39 PM
  3. jamesus's Avatar
    There is also a "compilation" toggle if you select all of the songs in iTunes and edit the information.
    12-15-2009 10:34 AM