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    Hi, total newbie to the whole iphone scene here so please bear with me and if anyone could advise on the following then that would be much appreciatted.

    okay just bought a used iphone 2g, the phone had been jailbroken and unlocked to any network by the previous owner, it had not been done with blackra1n as I see it is still running on 3.0 firmware and I dont see teh blackrain icon within the menu.

    so okay first thing I wanted to do within the iphone was install all the apps / games etc I had previously installed on my blackra1n jailbroken ipod touch. hooked up the iphone to itunes and attempted to transfer all the apps over that had previosly been backed up on itunes. once finished I got a message advising me that such a game could not be transfered over as " you are not authorised for it on this computer - to authorise the computer for itunes purchased items store choose store - authrise computer " done this but was advised that the computer had already been authorised ??

    then got a message saying some apps were not installed due to one or more errors, looked at the log file and it says either some were not signed or unknown error occured (0xE8008001 )

    any ideas why its not letting me transfer all the apps over that previously were transfered over to the ipod touch okay ??


    Then I noticed that when I went into cydia and pressed on refresh I got the message " error refreshing data " the followingsignatures were not installed nodata1 / nodata 2.

    some index files failed to load they have been ignored or old ones used failed to fetch http:ispaziorepo.com....... error code 2

    whats going on here then ??

    can I update to 3.1.2 and jailbreak with blackra1n and still not loose my unlock feature ??? the reason I ask is when I used balckrain with my ipod touch running on 3.1.2 I had none off the aboe errors and everything worked / transfered over okay.

    lastly whe trying to downlad the 3.1.2 update on itunes I am getting the ererror message " the network connection timed out check network settings are correct or network connection is active " - again totally confused by this as I know my internet connection was still active.

    any help with the above would be so much appreciatted.

    thanks you.

    11-29-2009 09:47 AM
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    Hey dude,

    Im only really competent in the 3G/3GS iphone area as far as up/downgrading and jailbreaking.

    What i would do is see how far you can upgrade the 2G (bit of Googling should do it)

    (Sorry i cant post links yet, im not allowed to post them until i reach a certain level, )

    - Go and get the firmware you want and save it somewhere you'll remember:
    google "iClarified" to find the firmware you want

    - Whack it into DFU Mode (direct firmware upgrade)
    Check out youtube for a DFU mode tutorial for the 2G

    - Open up iTunes and plug you iphone in (Now in DFU mode), and it should say there is an iphone in recovery mode.

    - Go to the main iPhone window in iTunes (page that displays when iphone is selected from the left hand menu) Hold "Shift" when clicking restore and it will open a box. Navigate to the firmware you selected and downloaded and restore with that.

    Now you have a clean slate to jailbreak with Blackra1n. Again i've only had experience with the newer models, so if you run into any trouble hit me back and i'll try and help you out,

    11-29-2009 07:52 PM
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    Okay thank you so much for your detailed reply appreciatte that.unfortunatly the phone is away just not getting fitted with a new front glass screen but will certainly give it a go when I get it back.

    in the meantime can anyone here with a 2g iphone confirm the above for this particular model and also advise me if the blackra1n type off jailbreak will also unlock my phone to use any network as well as use third party apps etc ???
    11-30-2009 12:33 AM
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    Any other 2g owners add anything to teh above ?? does the blackra1n method actually unlock the phone to all networks as well ??
    12-01-2009 11:23 AM