1. ryanlberg's Avatar
    so i just put all my cd collection(300) on to my imac (latest version of itunes)and when i play the music on my 3gs most of the music sounds bad (distorted). did i mess up on importing the cds to my mac. i just used whatever the default setting on the mac is for the import how do i fix the sound quality ? do i have to re import all 300 ? and how should of i imported them, what quality should i use?
    11-27-2009 09:23 AM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    do they sound the same in itunes?

    if not, in the iphone do they sound the same from the built in speaker and the headphones?

    if not, do you have another pair or headphones to try?
    12-08-2009 02:37 PM