1. djsambroak's Avatar
    yes, stupid mistake.
    have been looking around with few other people that have had the same problem for a few weeks now looking for a solution to our problem.
    and i believe, all we need, as long as we have a 2g, is a way to activate our phones via itunes, then we can access our phones, because currently they're stuck in emergency call only mode.
    but to activate the phone to access the programs on it, such as blackra1n, we need a valid non active at&t sim card.
    But im wondering, is there any program, that will activate the phone without needing a new sim card?
    i've had people make me custom ispw files, and have also tried to download them from iphone help websites, the ones that you have to join together, but everything i try to use those, i get error (160X), and don't know why.

    So main question, who knows of any programs that will activate my iphone without needing to go through itunes.
    10-26-2009 04:15 PM