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    iMP: Surf the Music is a funky music rhythm game developed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

    Get the full game here:
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    Players generate their own funky soundtracks by gathering bits of funk throughout the game, triggering music loops and audio accents. Upon replay, different versions of the soundtrack can be created providing a unique and fresh audio experience throughout. Intuitive tilt controls and simple to pick up game play will provide hours of fun for casual players, while advanced levels will challenge even the most seasoned gamer.

    - Original funkadelic soundtrack
    - Addictive game play: The player builds the song by picking up collectables
    - Intuitive tilt controls tailored for the iPhone and iPod Touch
    - A variety of colorful, themed levels that showcase the iMPs crazy world of funk

    View gameplay videos here: YouTube - ImpMusicGame's Channel
    More information about the game can be obtained here: IMP: Surf the Music

    Check out our posts on Twitter, Facebook and other community web portals. We are holding Twitter contests regularly. Check our website or visit our Twitter profile at iMP: Surf the Music (ImpSurfTheMusic) on Twitter for more information. Our current contest ends Friday October 23rd!

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