1. SouthernBlendFL's Avatar
    Last week I noticed that I am getting a iTunes Password pop up box appearing frequently when waking phone up, while doing a search, using iPod features, it doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing, it just pops up! I repeatedly enter my password, it goes away temporarily, and then guess what - it is back.

    I have changed NO settings or defaults
    Updated to 3.1.2 on Monday - Still getting the password pop up box
    Carrier File is AT&T 5.6

    Also noticed that I am getting a sporadic airplace mode / device using not recognized when I'm not even using a device...
    10-20-2009 11:04 AM
  2. jglowe74's Avatar
    i know my iTunes password pops up now immediately after entering the App Store. it used to only pop up at the time i attempted to download an app. now it wants my password right up front.
    10-20-2009 11:20 AM
  3. Brian#IM's Avatar
    This can happen if you have purchased something in itunes, like a whole album that hasn't finnished downloading yet. It will pop up again if your not on WiFi because you can't download anything bigger than 10MB over cell network.
    10-20-2009 01:07 PM