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    This is kinda more an iTunes issue, but the iPhone is a contributor, so here's what's going on: When I purchase/download an app in the iTunes store, I get to the end of the download and as soon as the status changes to "processing downloaded file", iTunes hangs....hard crashed, with foreground windows leaving nice borders on the unresponsive iTunes window. A couple nights ago, I purchased StarMap Pro (an awesome astronomy app, which I hope to review soon), and this highly repeatable crash was killing me. The only thing I could do post-crash was open Process Explorer (google it, it's like Task Manager but LOTS better), and kill the whole iTunes process tree. I'll gloss over the multiple reboots, shutting down firewalls and antivirus, the dozen attempts to download a 60MB app and cut to the chase:

    If I have my iPhone and iTouch plugged in to their respective USB cables, iTunes crashes when the download finishes and it starts processing.

    If I disconnect my iPhone and iTouch before the download completes, iTunes processes the file with no problem.

    Plugging the devices back in after a successful download, and iTunes syncs as expected.

    Hopefully, I'm not the only one having this problem so Apple will recognize it as a bug and fix it, and hopefully this post will help someone else so they don't pull their hair out like I did for a few hours the other night!

    Specs in the title, but repeated here as well:
    • Windows XP Professional
    • iTunes
    • iPhone 3GS 32GB
    • iTouch 64GB

    10-09-2009 10:07 PM
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    You contact apple support
    10-10-2009 02:47 PM