1. matt_wood87's Avatar
    Before the update if i couldn't get the album artwork for an album i had imported from a CD i would find album and one of its tracks on the store, right click it and select "get info". I would then see a dialogue box containing the pertinent information about the song such as title, artist name, composer, album artist, year, track number. If i then copied this information into the "get info" box of the song in my itunes library and tried to get the album artwork again, more often than not it worked.

    now when i load up the itunes store and find the song i want to check the tags for i can no longer right click on it to get the information, i can only left click it to play a sample.

    is it possible to access the "get info" information in the store anymore, if not does anyone have any good suggestions for fixing the tags on songs so that itunes recognises them and will download artwork for them and recognise them for genius.


    09-13-2009 03:08 PM