1. telquist's Avatar
    I am a relative novice with these issues and need some help. I have a iPhone (3.0). I was asked to upgrade when syncing today with iTunes. I seemed to successfully upgrade but now beside the phone function and text nothing else works. It seems to not be able to connect. I do not know (or think) that a coincidence is that I now cannot get my desktop to connect to the internet even though I have a strong signal. Frustrated. I have loved this thing until right now. Help!?!
    07-19-2009 01:58 AM
  2. alex6speed's Avatar
    That's certainly interesting. The update should have been for iTunes itself (the anti Pre sync edition). I haven't heard anyone having problems with the new iTunes, less with it causing problems to their iPhones. See if you can restore from a version before you synced it with the newer iTunes set. Maybe we shouldn't have the iPhone connected when updating iTunes???
    07-19-2009 07:38 AM
  3. paul100's Avatar
    Since you are a novice I don't want you to confuse technically. Just walk straight into your Apple Store and tell the experts at the Genius Bar there, your situation. And they'll set everything right for you.
    07-20-2009 04:40 AM