1. arsweet's Avatar
    I bought a used and unlocked/jailbroke iphone 2g and I did "erase user contents" on the phone. Afterward, I unlocked/jailbroke it again using
    redsn0w. Now all that is on the phone is Cydia. I tried to restore the phone through itunes in dfu mode, and once the phone is in dfu (or recovery mode) itunes will not recognize. In order for me to get the iphone out of those modes, I have to unlock/jailbreak it again. I then tried just restoring the phone using shift + clicking on restore and using a custom ipsw file, and that gave me an error and said it could not be restored, and then it was locked again. I am not sure what else to do to get itunes to recognize the phone in dfu mode so I can restore it, or how to restore it some other way. I am using itunes 8.2. Any ideas?

    07-17-2009 08:54 PM
  2. only1jonarius's Avatar
    same thing hPpenex fo me but my Pune wasn't even jailbroken. In the end I went to the ATT store and they tried to use the restore method and it read LOCKED!! So had to get a new iPhone thru apple & return the old 1.
    07-17-2009 09:39 PM
  3. arsweet's Avatar
    I was thinking of taking it to an ATT store, I have a friend that works there, but I was not sure if they would be allowed to restore it since it unlocked and I don't have ATT service (I have t-mobile). Is there any software out there that can LOCK and UNJAILBREAK a phone so I could just restore it without having to go into DFU mode? Itunes recognizes the phone when it is unlocked and jailbroken. I realize now what I should have done is restored the phone using itunes after I did the "erase all contents" before I unlocked it again. Oh well, I can't go back now, unless there is a software that can do it. I unlocked/jailbroke it with redsn0w.
    07-18-2009 07:55 AM