1. gadgetman#IM's Avatar
    I have tethering working fine on my main laptop and I have several laptops and desktops which don't have iTunes on them and which I'd also like to set up for tethering use.

    Plugging the iPhone in to these PC's does not automatically install a modem driver or LAN connection. So is there a separate "modem" or LAN adapter driver for the iPhone I can install without having to put the whole of iTunes onto each computer?
    06-18-2009 07:24 PM
  2. elioar's Avatar
    I have to say that it my case it certainly seems like it is pushing.

    I Gmail sync for calendar and contacts but have the mail portion turned off. I have my gmail account set to fetch every 15 minutes. I just sent myself several emails from another account and each time within 1 or 2 minutes of the email showing up in my online gmail account the phone chimed. I made sure to keep the phone locked the entire time in case it automatically checks at unlocking or something.

    It seems faster then when I was jailbroken two days ago (before 3.0) and had it set to fetch every 5 minutes.
    06-19-2009 04:34 PM
  3. gadgetman#IM's Avatar
    Are you replying to something else?
    06-19-2009 07:57 PM
  4. MikeDVB's Avatar
    I am sure somebody will pull the drivers out and package them separately but I don't know that distributing such files would be legal. I'll probably do it for my own personal use for if I want to use a friend's laptop and need 3G but I'm not really worried about it until Tethering comes to AT&T (not holding my breath).
    06-20-2009 04:47 PM