1. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to see if anyone else was downloading music over the air using 3G and if so if they noticed this problem that i just noticed this morning.

    Friday afternoon i bought and paid for an album just fine it had like 24 songs in it , was 9.99 and everything went through and the speed was decently fast as well.

    This morning i'm going to get another album for 9.99 and this one only has 12 songs in it, and it's telling me that i can't download it because it's over 10mb... the normal APP Wifi error message.

    Here's the thing... first of all... were downloading seperate SONGS here... not a full album (going under this logic) this is why it let me download the album on friday... at first when i tried on friday i was thinking i could not but it did in fact work..

    but why all of a sudden on monday the change? or the difference?

    I can successfully go through and purchase every song one by one but i can't click the album buy button anymore..

    could this be a ploy to get us to buy the the songs seperatly?

    I'm just going under 2 pieces of logic here...

    1. It worked friday buying an album
    2. When you buy An album it downloads the songs each one by one
    (but now i have to pay for and download them one by one = more expensive)

    So why would it NOW say it's over 10mb i need to connect via wifi?

    01-12-2009 09:36 AM
  2. Wyatt's Avatar
    That's interesting, it is possible that you either got very lucky or the system wasn't full setup yet. When the announcement came I downloaded one of the free songs immediately but never expected to download anything better that 10MB.

    While each song maybe under 10MB the system seems to pool the entire album first at one time for download. The App Store works the same way if you try to download multiple updates that add up to more than 10MB.
    01-12-2009 09:45 AM
  3. sting7k's Avatar
    Go back and check the album you downloaded the other day. Were any of the songs over 10MB? Now look at the one your trying to download now, you may find one of them is over 10MB. That could be holding you back, the new iTunes plus thing messes stuff up making everything twice the size.
    01-12-2009 10:03 AM
  4. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Hmmm that's interesting and sounds like it could be a possibility that just ONE of the songs might be over 10 mb and that's what's messing it up...

    kinda sucks that just one song would hold it up from downloading a whole album... =( never thought of it that way...
    01-12-2009 10:14 AM