1. zach276's Avatar
    After the update to 8.0.2, my iPhone will not sync... I tried it with multiple PC's (I'm on Vista / XP BTW) and with different cables and I can only get computers with 8.0.1 still on it to pick up my phone and sync. I tried DFU mode and the computer can still access camera roll files. I've reinstalled and restored my phone, rebooted my phone, rebooted by computer, restarted the Apple Mobile Device Service and everything and I still can't get it to work. Please Help!!!
    11-30-2008 07:44 PM
  2. MrEClass's Avatar
    I hope by now you had your issue resolved.

    Did you find out what the issue was that caused the syncing problem?
    01-24-2009 02:26 AM