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    I'm having a problem I can't find solved anywhere online.

    I've had (and have) various iPods that serve different functions (Nano for the car, Shuffle for the gym). I just replaced my old 4th gen Touch with a new(ish) 5th gen Touch. I really just want it to live in its docking station and play music. I DON'T want it to sync with iTunes and import absolutely everything that's in there. I only want to import my film scores and be able to scroll through the albums (like I could on my 4th gen) to play what I want.

    But even when I've selected the option to manually add music in iTunes, when I look in "My Music" on the iPod, it offers me every random file I have in iTunes. I made a playlist called "Film Scores", but of course it just lists everything track by track, playlist-style. Is there a way to make an ALBUM PLAYLIST? So I could just click which album I want and play that one?

    EDIT: Sometimes "My Music" does offer me the option of scrolling through the albums, but they're alphabetised by composer and not album, which is odd. And I'm not even sure how I've triggered the album view anyway.
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