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    After a repair of my ipod touch5g, it was dented at the rear camera, when i have wifi on (enabled ) my iPod gets warm at the front on the upper part where the wifi antenna is placed. Also the battery drains fast with wifi on.
    My repair included a new battery and a new rear camera.
    With some manipulation I could readjust the camera socket and except for the warming and the wifi drain all functions work good.
    05-14-2015 09:05 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Could be the physical damage has also caused some internal damage to the wifi antenna, and this is the reason for the over heating, perhaps a cooling mechanism is not functioning as it should. Might be time for another trip to the repair shop. What generation iPod is it? Time to think about replacing it? Although since you just spent a good bit of repair money on it, it must be fairly new.
    05-14-2015 09:25 AM
  3. Elijah Gallegos's Avatar
    Although this might not help you with your specific question, I've found out that turning off Wi-Fi while charging speed up the process.
    05-18-2015 12:05 AM

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