1. Alberto1866's Avatar
    So I've been having this problem with my IPod recently, it's been randomly disconnecting from WiFi for a few seconds then reconnects, it's really annoying when trying to download something. Though I should mention I recently moved, and got a new router, before i had verizon Fios, but the router was grey, now I still have Verizon Fios but the router box is red. Not sure it has to do with my problem but it worked perfectly with the old router. Also I have an ITouch 2G that works perfectly fine on the WiFi, same with my brothers he also has a 4G. The only differences are GB and firmwares. I'm running 6.0 my brother is running 6.01 and my IPod 2G is on the last firmware made possible for that generation. Lastly I went to my router settings found the IPod that doesn't work and tested the connection, it said that it received 4/4 connection but sent 0/4 and failed. I tried this with the other and they worked perfectly. So please if anyone can help me I'll be thankful.
    11-25-2012 10:38 PM
  2. haitran2001's Avatar
    It may be because 6.0 wifi Firmeware has a bug I remember my friend updated his iPod to 6,0 the next day he couldnt connect it Aswell after a few days he update it to 6.0.1 when it was released then it started to work again
    I think it should recommend you to update your iPod to 6.0.1 because 6.0 has a bug in it but 6.0 is just a beta to see what bug is in it so they can fix it while they were researching and let other people report them.
    12-09-2012 01:17 AM

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