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    I am completely new to this gadget - my daughter has given it to me to use, and I am rather a die-hard pc person. But I gotta say, this thing, this iPod 4th gen is kind of neat! I am trying to learn about what it can and can not do, and was fascinated by a compass program that I downloaded. If the unit does not have a GPS chip, how the heck does it know which way is North? Was I just lucky that I was facing about the right direction when I turned it on? I am fascinated by some of the apps I see available and I have noticed many are targeted for one device or another, yet in my interest to get some of these things I want to understand what technology I have available so the app's ability is not exceeding that of the device.

    Thank-you very much,
    PC Guy...

    p.s.: That was supposed to read "How does a compass work with 4th gen" as I am not sure what a compss is,
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    They don't, the iPod 4g doesn't have a GPS built in, therefore, the compass apps that do support iPod 4g won't work well.
    08-09-2014 09:02 PM
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    There's true north and magnetic north. For long distances, true north is best. It's like following a line of longitude toward the North Pole. Magnetic north is aligned with the magnetic poles. It works for short distances, but the gap widens the farther you go. On an iPhone, you can switch between true north and magnetic north in settings>Compass. True north would use GPS along with other indicators. Magnetic north does not use GPS. With the iPod, you would probably rely on magnetic north. So short distances would be fairly accurate, but if you're going 100 miles, it would veer off course. The compass uses the Magnetometer/Gyroscope which doesn't require antennas (just a chip). So it still works in Airplane mode.
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    Can you recommend some good compass apps for iPod 4?
    08-10-2014 08:43 AM

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