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    Okay everyone! For a temporary solution for the detailed tutorial I plan on making, I am going to show you the places of the 2 files you will need to look at to enable native iPhone 4S features on your iPod touch 4G!

    Untethered Jailbroken iPod touch 4G running iOS 5.1.1 (Tutorial link coming soon!)

    Okay, you will need to go to folder below in iFile.

    Now, look for this file - N94AP.plist
    This file is what is in the iPhone 4S. There is a few things missing but for the most part, you can enable things that arn't on your iPod through here.

    After you found a feature you want to enable, exit out of that file and go to N81AP.plist. This file is what tells iOS what features are enabled on your iPod touch! Now, to add the feature, you must follow me exactly.

    Under <capabilities>

    Add the following code -

    Where the-feature-you-want-to-enable-here, add the feature! Simple huh?

    After that, save the file and go home. Respring your device.
    NOTE - You can respring via SSH by typing "respring" without the "".

    This is the less detailed tutorial for enabling some features from an iPhone 4S on your iPod touch 4G!

    Basically, you have the same iOS Firmware from an iPhone 4S, excluding Siri Files. All Apple does is tweak the Operating System to enable and disable features specifically for another device. By doing this, you can enable those features Apple decided to disable. Now, some of these features are meant to be disabled. For example - The Cellular Data Option, it isn't meant to be there! So use sense when enabling these features! And one more thing, I have enabled several options not meant to be enabled and haven't bricked my iPod. I am not promising it cannot brick it, but it most likely will not.

    Hope you like my Tutorial!
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