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    I've never had a tablet before and so I'm waiting anxiously for the iPad 3 to be released so I can get one. Anyway, my iPod Nano 5G got stolen and after watching Apple's Ad of the new iPod Touch I really want to buy one. I hate the fact that I have to take my laptop to listen to my iTunes songs. So my question is this, is it worth it buying an iPod Touch 4G if I'm planning on buying an iPad 3? Will I be able to enjoy the iPad 3 when I buy one, or do you think the iPod Touch 4G is a mini version of an iPad and the experience won't be any different.

    EDIT: For those who are asking if I have an iPhone, the answer is No. If I had one I wouldn't be thinking of purchasing an iPod as all of my songs would be on it
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    Two questions:

    1) Do you own an iPhone?

    2) Do you frequently like to listen to your music while traveling?

    If the answer to (1) is no and the answer to (2) is yes, I definitely think an iPod Touch would make sense for you. Otherwise, I think an iPad would suit your needs. Having said that, I'm not the best person to ask because I don't own an iPad. (I do own four smartphones and two tablets, and for me personally, I still prefer having a dedicated MP3 player, believe it or not, due to having a large music collection.)
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    02-25-2012 06:08 AM
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    Each device has its merits. I do not use my iPad as my music/audiobook/podcast box, it is a bit big to put into my pocket. All of my music and audiobooks and podcasts are on my iPhone. If I didn't have/want an iPhone for whatever reason, I'd probably still get an iPod touch to have my music/audiobooks/podcasts in my pocket, and to have the handheld iOS experience which is a bit different than the tablet iOS experience.

    That said, you should try to tough it out for a few weeks and wait to see if the iPad 3 takes care of all of your needs at once. If you don't mind that your songs won't go into your pocket, then an iPad may be perfect for you, and you wouldn't have to spend the extra $200-400 on an iPod touch.
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    I have both the original iPad and an iPhone and use both equally. iPad is my main media device (except music) and iPhone is my main communication tool/iPod. I personally didn't think I needed the iPad since I already had the iPhone, but found that it's a nice balance and the best of both worlds!
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    I have a 4th gen ipod that I used regularly, but ever since I purchased an iphone, I haven't touched the ipod. Now I know its diff comparing an Ipod & ipad, but basically the user experience is the same across all idevices, is it not? Only diff being screen size and portability? Can't put an ipad in your pocket and jog, right?
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    You say "only" like it's not a big difference. It is. With the bigger screen, you can fit more content on the screen at once, and so the apps can have a different interface/experience than on the small screen. Although it's the same OS and many controls will look and work the same, there are a few things about it that aren't just about simply expanding the view that you get on an iPhone into a larger screen.

    The iPad can fit a whole page into view without having to zoom in. Can fit a lot of graphics and visuals, lay things out more openly, and experiment more with gestures and other UIs where the iPhone/iPod touch couldn't.

    Photos, for example, is almost a surreal experience the first time you see it on an iPad. If you put the same exact photo library on both an iPhone and an iPad, you have a very different experience looking at it on the iPad. Not just the bigger screen. Two finger gestures are big here--grab a stack of photos and "peek" or zoom into the album

    Attachment 13865

    Or, grab a single picture and spin it around

    Attachment 13866

    Then you can just pinch zoom back out quickly to the album and then back out again to the list of albums, etc.

    When I first got an iPad in 2010, I spent hours just playing around with the Photos app. With the same photos I'd seen for years on my iPhone. It reminded me of that multitouch demo by Jefferson Han, at one of the TED talks years ago, much more than the original iPhone pinch to zoom. It sort of brings my photo library to life.

    For those sorts of delightful experiences, it's worth taking a look at even if you are used to the way the 3.5" iOS experience works.
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    I've found the iPhone/iPad combo to be nearly perfect! The best part is that so many apps work on both. Buy one app for both devices, same as with the iPad/iPod combo. The smaller screen is handy, but many times I opt for the iPad where you can really see what's happening. Portability is the strength of the iPhone/iPod.

    At first, I didn't think the iPad would be more than a toy. However, as I've learned its vast capabilities, I use it all the time in a computer fashion (using my PC when needed, especially for flash websites). If you don't have an iPhone, I agree the iPod would be excellent addition.

    One more thing to consider: I bought a wifi-only iPad and use my iPhone to tether for internet connections when traveling. I don't have that tether operational at other times, to cut down the cost. What's the difference between a 4G iPod (didn't know that was possible) and an iPhone?
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    I read all the replies and agree with many points made. For my personality I've created something I refer to as separate but equal.

    My Devices:

    iPod Classic 6G: My initial reason for purchasing the classic is it's size (120GB). All my music and podcasts are loaded on it. My classic is three years old and I started having problems with some of my podcasts not syncing due to non-compatibility. I take my classic to work and listen to music and podcasts. I also connect it to my car and listen to music when traveling.

    iPhone 4S: (calling, emailing, texting, social networking on the go, and taking pics). I am involved in a few social organizations and attend meetings (and functions). I have a five year old that loves playing games and listening to iBooks on my iPhone to occupy her time while with me. The iPhone is great but after hours of non-stop activity my battery would be near dead. Plus I would need it to jot down notes, reminders and schedule follow-up meetings.

    iPod Touch 4G: (Purchased last week) This was a must have for me. I have added my daughter's favorite games, iBooks, music and my podcasts (non-compatible with my classic). She can also listen to music via radio.

    iPad 2 or 3:
    I will be purchasing an iPad soon. This will be a wonderful help for my busy on the go lifestyle. My daughter is becoming more involved in extra curricular activities. I am finding myself sitting idle thinking about what I could be doing on my MBP. With the iPad being light weight and having a full size screen I can create documents, reports, use FaceTime on a full size screen and read iBooks while waiting.

    This my idea of separate but equal. I use each device regularly and each has main purposes. Although some of the devices have the same capabilities.... the other might offer a better user experience due to screen size (reading books).
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    03-03-2012 01:04 AM
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    Other folks have made this point, but the key difference for me (I own both iPod touch & iPad) is portability: I use my touch in places I wouldn't take my iPad. Keep in mind that this means around the house too: I'm much more likely to pull out the smaller device from my pocket than to hunt around & figure out where the kids left my iPad last...
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