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    So I dropped my iPod Touch over the summer and the drop shattered my screen. I sent it in to Mission Repair and they replaced my screen. But when I got it back, I realized that the screen was loose and that when I gently press on it, colored ripples form on the the top, bottom, and left of the iPod. I sent it in two more times after the first and each time they said they fixed it, but it was still like that. Now the lady there is saying that there's no way they sent it back to me like that (I guess they're insinuating that I did it. Both times.)
    They said that I can either send it back for them to fix the back plate, what they're suspecting is the problem, for another 70 dollar. (They said there was no way for them to tell there was something wrong with the back plate the THREE times I've sent it in) Or they can take the screen off and give me back my 120 dollars.
    I am willing to pay Apple for them to fix my iPod once and for all. Can anyone tell me how that would work? I have Apple Warranty, but I know they won't fix my iPod with that. What should I do?

    Can anyone tell what is wrong/ what is causing the problem with my iPod with the pictures I've attached?
    Are the ripples and the loose screen a really big deal? It really bothers me.
    I really want to let Apple fix it, but if I do get a refund from Mission Repair and they take my screen off, I'm worried about how they'll get it back to me.

    What should I do next?
    Thanks so much for reading about my problem and helping me, I've been dealing with this since the summer and Mission Repair hasn't been any help.
    12-20-2011 07:52 PM