1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar

    In case you hadn't heard -- and really, ask somebody next time! -- TiPb wants to give you the iOS device -- or devices! -- of your dreams. That's right, a brand new iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod touch, or Apple TV, or even iPad 3 in 2012, could be yours!

    And this is week 3 so you now have a second chance to win!

    The Prize: A $600 Apple gift certificate to put towards the iOS device -- or devices -- of your dreams. An iPhone or iPad for you or your special someone, a couple of iPod touches for the kids, a handful of Apple TVs for the whole family -- you could even save it for an iPad 3 when Apple releases it! -- whatever you choose!

    How to enter: Each week we'll have a special thread in a different TiPb iOS device forum. Just leave one (1) reply in each thread telling us why you'd love to have that week's device. You can enter once per week, each week, for a total of four (4) chances to enter over the course of the contest.

    The contest is already underway and the winner will be announced on the iPhone Live podcast on December 28, 2011.

    So what are you waiting for? This is the week 2 thread!

    Why do you want one -- or a couple! -- iPod touches from TiPb? Reply now to enter!
    12-16-2011 12:32 PM
  2. alupo790's Avatar
    id like to win and get an ipod touch for my little brother because he is obsessed with my iphone and he is too young to have a cell phone so it would make him go nuts if he got one.
    12-16-2011 12:45 PM
  3. Kristy_Lyn's Avatar
    I would want a couple iPod touches because I have a couple of kids that are always stealing my iPad and or iPhone to play angry birds, plants vs zombies...etc.

    Best of luck to everyone in the contest!!
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    12-16-2011 12:45 PM
  4. off95's Avatar
    Can I trade this in for a date with Ashley?
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    12-16-2011 12:45 PM
  5. midnght69's Avatar
    I think winning a couple of iPod touches would be awesome. Something for me, and also I could give one to my son, so he could enjoy it, and use it to learn more.
    12-16-2011 12:46 PM
  6. dpolletta's Avatar
    Two new iPhones would be great for my wife and me. These would replace aging BB and would be first smartphone for my wife.
    12-16-2011 12:46 PM
  7. John.P's Avatar
    Give one as a gift for my kid's birthday, and one to the wife as a random gift for her jogs to replace her old one that just won't die.
    12-16-2011 12:46 PM
  8. jakej914's Avatar
    I want an iPod to play music on my commute!
    12-16-2011 12:47 PM
  9. Ginbill's Avatar
    I'd love to buy a couple of iPod touches for myself and my mother. I had a 4G iPod touch that I gave to my brother who is stationed in Gulfport, MS. His 2G touch was out of warranty and had about had it. So I gave him mine. Been meaning to replace it but other things keep coming up. I loved using it because my car's radio has the iPod integration and I can listen to it out of the radio while I'm driving to and from work.

    Thanks! This contest is seriously awesome.
    12-16-2011 12:48 PM
  10. Metronome49's Avatar
    I wanna win the thing! I'll put it in to getting a new Macbook. This Powerbook is long in the tooth to a point of worthless.
    12-16-2011 12:49 PM
  11. bl4ck0ps's Avatar
    My wife really wants a new iPhone. She's never had one and it's about time...I would think.

    Thank you TiPb
    12-16-2011 12:50 PM
  12. mcdan333#AC's Avatar
    Unlocked iPhone 4S, even if I have to pitch in a few bucks myself currently stuck under contract with an Android phone, and now realizing my mistake :-P
    12-16-2011 12:51 PM
  13. daniels313's Avatar
    I am attempting to go as paperless as my job will let me. Lugging my laptop to every quick meeting is sometimes not possible. Using the iPhone for notes can sometimes seem rude; like I am texting or checking Facebook. However, an iPad would be the perfect way to bridge that gap and maintain that paperless world that I am dreaming of.
    12-16-2011 12:51 PM
  14. stevenlue's Avatar
    I would put it towards an iPod Touch and an Apple TV.
    12-16-2011 12:51 PM
  15. kch50428's Avatar
    I'd get the new iPd when it comes out. But can I win something if I've already been a TiPb giveaway winner this year?
    12-16-2011 12:51 PM
  16. tylerevan's Avatar
    It would be great to be able to get a couple of iPod Touches for family members who still haven't come aboard the Apple train so that they can see how great iOS is and hopefully adopt more Apple products
    12-16-2011 12:52 PM
  17. vyrenee's Avatar
    IPad-great presentation capabilities!
    12-16-2011 12:52 PM
  18. idesofmarch's Avatar
    I would love to win this because I'm tired of my Android device and would like to switch to an iPhone haha. Hopefully I win this
    12-16-2011 12:52 PM
  19. Glory007's Avatar
    I want to win one a couple ipod touches so i can gift one to my father so i can facetime with him and my family to connect with me as i live very far from them the ipods will abridge the gap between us a luxury i can hope only from world class up to date forums in this case tipb.com i know tipb won't let me down
    12-16-2011 12:53 PM
  20. Scooter2's Avatar
    I would think would be a great Christmas gift for my wife to get her a iPad. Thanks for the chance.
    12-16-2011 12:53 PM
  21. brianchan's Avatar
    I want to replace my broken 1st gen iPad.. Or maybe get an iPhone 4S
    12-16-2011 12:54 PM
  22. troystaylor's Avatar
    Need an iPod touch for a development device
    12-16-2011 12:54 PM
  23. Himoe's Avatar
    iPad 3, iPad 3. I'm holding out until iPad 3. I'm so tired of being envious of everybody else having an iPad, but I'm holding out until iPad 3.
    12-16-2011 12:54 PM
  24. reesecollins518's Avatar
    i think it'd be great to give my mother a a iPad. she wants one for Christmas and i don't know if me and my brother will be able to afford it this year.
    12-16-2011 12:54 PM
  25. djkmann's Avatar
    I'll keep an iPod touch for myself and donate the second one to someone less fortunate.
    12-16-2011 12:54 PM
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