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    Today I was going to add a couple contacts that have iPhones to iMessage, one from contacts and add another to Contacts to add to iMessage. I found that, at some point, that all the contacts' information except for the Names had been removed; not only that, the add, delete, and edit controls are missing. Tried closing the app (in "jiggly" mode), and resetting the iPod with no results.

    Background info: initially purchased an iPod touch 3G 1-1/2 years ago; Sept. '10 got an iPod touch 4, then earlier this month bought a replacement iPod touch 4 (former one had battery problems), the upgraded to iOS5. After getting the first iPod touch I added a few (three) contacts that I emailed regularly on the ocasions that I chose to email them from the iPod. That being something I do raely, it's been a long time (many months) since I've even done anything with Contacts at all. Then, as I said, tonight found contact info gone -just the names remain- and no way to add a new contact or delete or edit an existing one.

    I sync with iTunes (via cable) every night, no iCloud connection, I have no third-party external syncing services connected. Any clues?

    UPDATE: the next day it seems the contact data returned (which is usually just an email address or phone number), but controls were still missing. Called Applecare, they had me restore to new device, no data or settings restored; Contacts app worked fine then. The tech said that somehow the Contacts app itself became corrupted, but in some weird way ithe corruption gets backed up and comes back with the restoring of the backup.

    So my choices were to 1) Start over afresh & restore all backed-up app data (which I have everything heavily backed up), and re-create all my preferences & settings, passwords, mail accounts, sync services, etc., or 2) restore a backup & move on with a crippled Contacts app. I chose the latter, considering how very little I ever use Contacts & what a task returning everything to normal by hand would be.

    It just bugs me a bit that there's something on such a quality device and OS platform that doesn't work right. Oh, well...maybe it'll fix itself one day
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    Discovered this today, thought it was worth posting.

    I use the Pocket Iformant for iPhone app...heavily, for my business. Recently they released a significant update, v. 2.01.015. One of the numerous changes introduced in this version was a direct link to the iPhone native Contacts app from directly within the P.I. app itself. When you tap on "Contacts", it opens a list of your contacts in the Pocket Informant U.I.; but when you tap on a contact, it opens within Contacts.

    Never really using Contacts (as said before), I happened to be playing around with the Contacts function in P.I. when I noticed that it displayed all the editing options that the native app has. So, I deleted a contact, then added one, then closed it & went to the native Contacts and sure enough, it was there. So, it appears that the editing tools really are there; P.I. displays them, they can be used, but the native Contacts app U.I. simply doesn't want to display them (naughty!).

    Well, there's at least a backdoor into editing Contacts, if I ever need it
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