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    People are wondering why the iPhones's camera is being updated, but the iPod touch's and iPad's are not. I'm thinking a better camera, or even one as good as the iPhones's would make the device cost too much. Remeber, iPod touch's and iPads arn't sold with carrier contracts that subsadize the product, so an optimized iPod touch would cost the same as an unlocked iPhone, $700+ some odd dollars. That's adding $500, so that means a fully optimized iPad would start at $999 for 16gb. Apple knows that most consumers dont look at the contract price and decide with including those numbers, but people tend to only look at the initial cost, or subsadized cost in the iPhone's case.
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    That, and I'm guessing that a better camera module with autofocus would be a little bigger, forcing the need to re-design the touch's housing.

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    even if they couldnt update the camera...an A5 chip would have been a nice addition.
    10-09-2011 11:43 PM
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    Why not use the "old technology" of the 5MP camera from the iPhone 4?

    I think the real answer to why Apple didn't update the touch lies in 2012. I believe wipe will see huge updates of many Apple products. Frost year wothout Steve as well as having a product line that hasn't changed much of late (I'm looking at you iPod Touch, MacBook pro and mac pro!) I think we are in for some big, awesome updates and changes in 2012 across the board.
    10-10-2011 09:04 PM